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Is extra virgin olive oil good for your health?

Absolutely! Extra virgin olive oil is know for it's anti-inflammatory properties, and it's been said that the more pungent smelling the extra virgin olive oil, the higher the level of anti-inflammatory compounds the oil has.

Some other well-known health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are:

A bottle of olive oil being poured into a small bowl
  • it can boost skin and hair health

  • it can protect against diabetes

  • protects against insulin resistance

  • reduces heart problems and high blood pressure

  • improves blood cholesterol levels

  • assists in weight loss and boosts your metabolism

  • protects against Osteoporisis

  • prevents gallstones

  • fights mood disorders and depression

Some of our customers take a teaspoon of our olive oil a day and swear by it. We're not health experts, so we recommend doing your own research and talking to your physician before specifically including extra virgin olive oil as a health supplement to your diet.

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