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** Our 2024 Harvest Processing! Available for selling toward end of June 2024 **

We are a family owned and operated boutique olive grower in the sunny Bay of Islands of New Zealand.  We sell our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil to private buyers and gift basket creators here in New Zealand.

All of our olive trees are cared for using organic techniques. We don’t use any pesticides, rather we care for our trees with a combination of natural nutrients that are designed to enhance soil fertility and natural microbial action. This enriches the soil with the vital nutrients the trees need to thrive and in turn creates the delicious peppery tasting oil that is true to the olive varieties we grow and the olive oil we sell.

We harvest by hand over several days each year during April/May, and each day of harvest we deliver the freshly picked olives for pressing by a family run business. This is why we can truly say our olive oil is cold pressed and extra virgin.


Our smooth olive oil with a peppery after taste is enjoyable for all, and we are proud award winners of the Oliveti Olive Oil Awards in New Zealand.

Gold Award - 2021 Blended Varietal, Medium
Silver Award - 2020 Frantoio, Intense
Silver Award - 2020 Frantoio, Single Medium
Silver Award - 2018 Frantoio, Intense

We welcome visitors to our grove, or you can purchase using our online shop and we will ship directly to you within New Zealand.

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